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ArtDiffusor® – MicroModel D – Big Sound, Small Package

With current trends leaning toward improving the quality of life for all creatures living on our great planet, we at Acoustics First® feel that we can contribute to this in our own small way.

So we proudly introduce, the ArtDiffusor® – Micro Model D!

Beaker says, "It really helps to control unwanted specular reflections!"

Beaker says, “It really helps to control unwanted specular reflections and flutter echos!”

Birds are very musical creatures, in the past, while Beaker was listening to the Bee Gees, he was bombarded with harsh specular reflections and flutter echos, it was a tragedy – but no longer.

Beaker tweets, “After installing my Micro Model D, Barry’s falsetto is so much clearer – It’s Amazing!”

Harsh acoustic environments are not for the birds… The ArtDiffusor®- Micro Model D… is.


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Exploring Green Acoustic Treatment: Sound Channels® Acoustical Wall Fabric

Sound Channels® Acoustical Wall Treatment - Made from Plastic Bottles?

Sound Channels® Acoustical Wall Treatment – Made from Plastic Bottles?


Buzz words like “renewable”, “100% recycled” and “eco-friendly” seem to be everywhere we look, from coffee cups to building codes. This preoccupation with all things “green” has long passed the point of being just another fad. The desire for environmentally responsible products has shifted from being simply in vogue to being firmly requisite.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification has become a standard benchmark for most modern buildings. To achieve the most points towards a LEED certified building, many architects are looking for “green” materials that show a commitment to the environment and responsible, eco-friendly practices. This includes the focus on materials that go beyond how much is used; to get a better understanding of what’s in the materials they specify for buildings and the effect those components have on human health and the environment. LEED certification also requires a more performance-based approach to indoor environmental quality to ensure improved occupant comfort. Specifying Sound Channels® acoustic wall fabric can help designers realize the above goals.

Obviously, specifying acoustic materials that use recycled content gets big points towards LEED certification. That said, the use of recycled content for acoustical products is not necessarily unique. For example, the fiberglass substrate for our Sonora Panels are made of 52 percent pre-consumer and 5 percent post-consumer recycled content. What is truly unique is the extent that Sound Channels® utilizes the waste product of one of our most widespread habits: the use of plastic water bottles.

Sound Channels – Recycled Textiles by the Numbers:

One yard of Sound Channels® acoustic wall fabric utilizes 15 post consumer plastic bottles. Recycling one ton of plastic from bottles saves approximately 7.4 cubic yards of landfill space. This means that 36.5 million pounds of Sound Channels® fiber saves 365 million bottles from landfills, 91,250 barrels of oil and over 64,000 tons of emissions!

How does a discarded plastic bottle become wall fabric? Let’s take a look at the process…

First, bottles are picked up at recycling centers then sorted by type and color. Then labels and caps are removed; the bottles are washed, crushed and chopped into very small pieces called “flakes”. These flakes are melted down and color is added. Lastly, anti-microbial technology is added before the product is made into Sound Channels® acoustical wall fabric. Sound Channels® then can be recycled back into fiber at the end of its life cycle.

Besides the “green” benefits, there are performance advantages with Sound Channels® acoustic wall fabric. The anti-microbial technology incorporates silver and copper ions into the root fiber which naturally attack microbes. This technology works against the types of airborne bacteria that we are most concerned about, making this product ideal for hospitals and classrooms.

Recently, an improved design has increased its sound absorption by 25% (NRC of .25). The uniform coverage you get with treating the walls with Sound Channels® eliminates the flutter/slap from reflective parallel walls, while helping to control excessive reverberation and noise buildup.

Whatever your application, Sound Channels® acoustical wall fabric and Acoustics First can help you towards your “green” goals!

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Comprehensive Diffuser Data Now Available!

Figure 1 – 3D Polar “Balloons” are used to display a full hemispheric acoustic level response, at specific frequencies, in front of the diffusive surface. This is how a 5000Hz signal would reflect off an Art Diffusor® Model D: If we could see acoustic energy, this is what it might look like!

3D Polar “Balloons” are used to display a full hemispheric acoustic level response, at specific frequencies, in front of the diffusive surface. This is how a 5000Hz signal would reflect off an Art Diffusor® Model D: If we could see acoustic energy, this is what it might look like!

Acoustics First® has long been at the forefront of many exciting developments in the world of sound diffusion. In the spring of 2015, we created a method to evaluate sound diffusers using particle computer simulations. Then we utilized 3D printing technology to streamline the development of new diffuser prototypes. Recently, we received a patent for our innovative Art Diffusor® Model D design. Now we’re excited to announce the release of a new comprehensive data booklet for our entire line of sound diffusers!

In essence, this booklet represents an entirely new way to view and compare sound diffusers. “With technological advances accelerating at a staggering rate, we believed it would be advantageous to compile all of the measurable acoustic parameters of these devices, in order to develop an operating profile for each.” Since sound absorption and sound reflection can both be measured with great accuracy, we foresee a use for this data, or similar data, in virtual acoustic room modeling, along with other useful applications.

Contact us for your own print copy of the Acoustics First Diffuser Data booklet (or click here to download the PDF). The electronic data that was used to create the polar diffusion balloons is also available per request (Data compiled for Acoustics First by NWAA Labs in Elma, WA).
Currently, we are working closely with other members of the industry in an effort to develop a universally accepted standard for testing sound diffusion. In the absence of such a standard, Acoustics First is presenting this data in good faith as we believe it represents the best of what is currently available.

We look forward to sharing more advances in the field of sound diffusion!

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Sound Channels® – Top Product!

Acoustics First® Sound Channels® wall fabric has been named a ‘2015 Top Product’ by Christian School Products magazine!

Christian School Products - 2015 Top Products

Christian School Products – 2015 Top Products

This article from their November issue explains why:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Acoustics First!

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Rapid Prototyping – Designing the future… Now!

AcousticsFirstAs the summer of 2015 winds down, we here at Acoustics First thought we’d share our latest acquisition with our readers.

The GigaBot™ by re:3D. Or as we call it "The GiggleBot!"

The GigaBot™ by re:3D. Or as we call it “The GiggleBot!”

Meet the Gigabot™

(or as we call him “Gigglebot”).


This amazing large format 3D printer was developed by re:3D, an outstanding company whose principals come from varied backgrounds which include experience working at NASA, among other things.
The eight cubic foot build volume of this beast makes it ideal for the rapid development and prototyping of our industry leading sound diffusers! We look forward to using this wonderful device on many projects in the years to come.
Watch this short video we made during one of our trial runs. For this calibration test we chose to print a scaled down version of our patented Model D Art Diffusor®.

Who said manufacturing was boring?!?!

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