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Sound Channels® – Top Product!

Acoustics First® Sound Channels® wall fabric has been named a ‘2015 Top Product’ by Christian School Products magazine!

Christian School Products - 2015 Top Products

Christian School Products – 2015 Top Products

This article from their November issue explains why:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Acoustics First!

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Rapid Prototyping – Designing the future… Now!

AcousticsFirstAs the summer of 2015 winds down, we here at Acoustics First thought we’d share our latest acquisition with our readers.

The GigaBot™ by re:3D. Or as we call it "The GiggleBot!"

The GigaBot™ by re:3D. Or as we call it “The GiggleBot!”

Meet the Gigabot™

(or as we call him “Gigglebot”).


This amazing large format 3D printer was developed by re:3D, an outstanding company whose principals come from varied backgrounds which include experience working at NASA, among other things.
The eight cubic foot build volume of this beast makes it ideal for the rapid development and prototyping of our industry leading sound diffusers! We look forward to using this wonderful device on many projects in the years to come.
Watch this short video we made during one of our trial runs. For this calibration test we chose to print a scaled down version of our patented Model D Art Diffusor®.

Who said manufacturing was boring?!?!

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Acoustic product revolution inspires listeners…


Special Announcement

Download full release here. (.pdf file 544 KB)

04/01/2015 9:00 AM EST
We at Acoustics First are foaming at the mouth to announce the freshest development since sliced bread – a line of acoustic materials designed to go together like peas and carrots to solve all your acoustic problems.

BaconFuzor LettuceSorber TomaTRAP
This 1’x4’ diffuser meats a need for the more carnivorous audiophile! The size is trim and all of the profiles are slightly different – allowing for a delicious array of mouth-watering diffusion! Let your highs sizzle and your midsection pop with this no-Fat solution. We guarantee you’ll be happy as a ham.
– $155.00 Each
This molded foam morsel has scrumptious surface area with its leafy 24” diameter and a lush 8” deep profile to add to the effectiveness of this heady absorber. Brush off that muddiness and experience crisp mids and fresh highs with this leafy addition to the room.
– $308.00 for 4
A ceramic Helmholtz resonator designed for 84 Hz and a natural range from ~70-100 Hz. This mutant turns up the juice with its BASStalk™ Resonator, which contains resonant threads that enhance sympathetic resonant frequency cancellation – providing a recipe for thick, juicy, delicious bass.
– $499.00 for 2

bltlabel BLT-sandwich

Juicy, crisp, delicious acoustics sandwiched into an easy  package.
The BLT Sandwich™ includes:
7 – BaconFUZOR™ 12 – LettuceSORBERS™ 2 – TOMATRAP™
-$2399.00 Kit – Savings of $300
Limited Time Gifteggstands
Order now and scramble those low frequencies – Structural vibration is no yolk! – Set of 4

Acoustic Product Revolution Inspires Listeners…
For Our Own Leaf Sings!

© 2015 Acoustics First Corporation

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Acoustic First Ceiling Tiles get a face lift for the perfect fit to any application

For Immediate Release

Acoustic First Ceiling Tiles get a face lift for the perfect fit to any application.

Acoustics First® has expanded their line of acoustical ceiling tiles allowing you to dress up any ceiling grid with a generous number of finish options.  The legacy line of Sonora® ceiling tiles includes fabric faced ceiling tiles in either the standard square edge or a tegular edge that reveals below the grid.  These tiles are available in a multitude of fabric colors and can be utilized in a wide range of applications to provide an upscale ceiling system that looks as good as it sounds.  If you are looking for the absence of color, there are now two white options.  The Sonora® UltraWHITE facing provides a basic smooth white finish while the  Sonora® Nubby tile provides a texture white appearance.  White ceiling tiles are an excellent choice for areas where a seamless look is desired and maintaining a room that is both bright and vibrant.  Alternatively, if your application requires the ceiling to disappear, a black scrim version is also available.  These black scrim ceiling tiles are a popular choice for public theaters, home theaters, restaurants or any application where a dark ceiling is desired.  Additionally, choose from either a PVC faced or encapsulated ceiling tile if your application requires a wipe-able surface for resistance to liquids and dirt.  Test labs, animal shelters, restaurants and similar facilities may require their ceiling tiles to be cleaned on a regular basis. In addition the ample amount of absorptive ceiling tiles, Acoustics First® also carries a wide range of diffusive ceiling tiles including the patented Art Diffusor® Model C and Model F.  Product information, specifications and pricing can be found on the website @

Image Downloads:
Acoustics First Corporation


Acoustics First Corporation supplies acoustical panels and soundproofing materials to control sound and eliminate noise in commercial, residential, government, and institutional applications worldwide.  Products include the patented Art Diffusor®, sound absorbers, noise barriers, acoustical fabrics and accessories. Acoustics First® products are sold for O.E.M applications, direct, and through dealers.  For more information on acoustical materials and their application, please visit or call Toll Free 1-888-765-2900 (US & Canada).

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Acoustics First releases video on Vibration Isolation

Vibration IsolationAcoustics First has conjured up yet another video demonstration.  As the fourth in a series designed to help explain common acoustic principles, this video briefly reveals what is necessary to provide vibration isolation.

Vibration isolation can quickly prove to be obtuse and relatively difficult to understand. Common problems like footfall from upstairs neighbors, industrial noise from machinery and HVAC equipment or isolating speakers and scientific devices can require completely different approaches. Most often, an on site assessment should be completed by a qualified engineering professional to determine an appropriate acoustic solution. In many cases the solution will require a modification to the structure and implement more than a single strategy.

This simple vibration demonstration challenges to provide a basic understanding of how acoustical materials may be used to prevent the spread of mechanical noise and vibration through existing structures like walls, floors and ceilings.

In this acoustic demonstration, a surface mounted piezo transducer connected to an analog meter will register levels of sound vibrations transmitted to the table. A vibrating device placed directly on the surface will transmit sound vibrations and resonate loudly throughout the table. These vibrations will register on the analog meter. By inserting isolation materials between the device and the surface, the mechanical sound transmission is reduced and sound no longer registers on the meter.

VIBRATION ISOLATION DEMONSTRATION: Controlling Mechanical Sound Transmission


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