The principals of Acoustics First® have been in the acoustics arena since the seventies, when they introduced industrial foam as an acoustic panel for recording studios. Back then, everything had to be built by hand since there were no off-the-shelf acoustic solutions. We now supply many types of acoustical materials including: acoustical foams, fabric wrapped panels, sound diffusers, noise barrier materials, acoustical fabrics, bass traps, and ceiling treatments. Sound control materials are not only restricted to use in the recording industry but are used in many applications including: Home Entertainment Rooms, Music Rehearsal Spaces, Industrial Noise Control, Court Houses, Classrooms, Houses of Worship, Gymnasiums, Dog Kennels, Schools, Restaurants, Museums and much more.

Acoustics First will make every effort to help you determine the right sound control materials for your application.

For more information, please visit www.AcousticsFirst.com.