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BlockAid® Clear Vinyl Sound Barrier on Windows

If you need to reduce outdoor noise through your window, use Transparent Blockaid® Barrier!

Using BlockAid® Clear Vinyl Sound Barrier is a great way to cut down on unwanted neighbor noise, especially during leaf-blowing season. For this installation, clear vinyl panels were fabricated to size, with heavy-duty Velcro stitched right onto the vinyl. The mating Velcro was simply installed around the window, and presto!  You have a significant reduction in unwanted leaf-blower noise, while still being able to see out of your window. Now you can sleep in, even when your overly eager leaf-blowing neighbors do not. Clear Vinyl window covers are also great for reducing unwanted noise from lawnmowers, snow-blowers, cars, marching bands, etc.

Industrial grade Velcro stitched to the Blockaid® holds the barrier in place.

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