DIY: StratiQuilt™ Room Treatment

There are some situations where people are looking for a more temporary (yet still durable and effective) room treatment.  Maybe you have a garage, or a practice space, or a place where you are looking for a usable solution that isn’t a permanent installation.  Here is a great (not to mention tax deductible) treatment that can address many of the isolation and absorption issues of a space, while remaining durable (Washable), and easy to remove and reuse.


Stuff you need:

  • Enough StratiQuilt™ Double-Faced Barrier Blanket to cover all of the wall and ceiling surfaces of the room you need to treat.
  • 2”x4” lumber for the edges (Used to attach the barrier to the walls and maintaining an air gap.)
  • Short Lag bolts and Washers
  • Misc. hardware to attach 2”x4” lumber to walls.

Here’s what you do.

Attach the 2”x4” lumber to the walls with enough spacing to line up the grommets on two overlapped edges of the StratiQuilt™ blankets – if you have purchased the roll, the finished edges are 4 feet wide.  Leave enough room to overlap the edges and bolt the quilts to the 2”x4” lumber as shown in the diagram above.  Continue around the room, overlapping the edges of the StratiQuilt™ blankets to seal off the room.  The blankets can be left loose over doors to allow for entry and egress while maintaining a good acoustic seal.

stratiquilt room treatment

If desired, continue the process across the ceiling to “lock in” the room acoustics.  This treatment may be considered by some to be a little on the “dead” side (High Absorption); however, The benefits of the treatment far outweigh this issue, which can be compensated for by adding a few acoustically reflective surfaces to the room (Drum Kit, Amplifiers, Racks, Diffusers, etc.)

Why use this system?

Other than it being very simple to install, take down and move with minor modifications to the structure, it performs a few vital acoustic tasks – all with one product.  The StratiQuilt™ design is two layers of quilted acoustic fiberglass with a layer of BlockAid® barrier in the middle.  The BlockAid® help the soundproofing of the room by it’s STC of 29, which will add significant isolation to the room.  Mounting on the 2”x4” lumber is not just done for ease – adding the air gap behind the barrier increases both its STC and NRC allowing it to work as a limp mass barrier/absorber.  The material absorbs on both sides (being double-faced), forcing in-room reflections to be attenuated immensely through the many layers of material it must pass through.

And on a final note, this economical start-up solution has the benefit of not being a “Building Material” for tax purposes, allowing for its immediate deduction as an expense.

Record your garage band without sounding like you’re in a garage, Try StratiQuilt™.

This simple DIY project is provided as a way for our customers to learn better ways to use our products and get more value out of the products they buy.  If you are looking for more ways to use the products you have, look to Acoustics First for Ideas.


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