DIY: Fix Music Stand Ringing and Reflection

DIY Project – Music/Copy Stand Cover

Take a few seconds and DIY fix some of the common problems with using metal music stands!

DIY-covered music standNot too many people think about their music stands, but we all have them somewhere.  Usually it’s one of those you see to the right – the great, sturdy, utilitarian devices that they are.  Unfortunately, there are a couple inherent problems with these:

  • Ringing – The metal resonates causing a ringing effect.
  • Reflections – many times you are using a stand close to a microphone and getting early reflections off the stand.

Here’s a few DIY fixes for these common problems.

  • a few feet of composite foam will give you both reflection and ringing fixes

The ultimate suggestion would be the Composite Foam/Barrier adhered directly to the stand, then covered with Sound Channels® fabric – This would turn your stand into a mini absorber.

Do the front and back! Make a slip cover for a temporary/removable solution.

This simple DIY project is provided as a way for our customers to learn better ways to use our products and get more value out of the products they buy.  If you are looking for more ways to use the products you have, look to Acoustics First for Ideas.


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