Baffled by Acoustical Ceiling Treatments?

Cloudscape Ceiling Baffle (CSBF15P) 4’x2′ x 1.5″

Acoustics First® adds more ways to get ‘Baffled’ and improve large room acoustics.

Acoustics First® has ‘amped up’ the Cloudscape® line of ceiling baffles.  These acoustical baffles reduce reverberation in applications such as gymnasiums, auditoriums, performance venues, theaters and restaurants.  They can be suspended from open truss and pre-engineered suspension systems or alternatively mounted direct to a roof deck or wall.  In addition to the standard 4’x2′ x1.5″ PVC encapsulated ‘echo-nomical’ baffle, Acoustics First® has expanded the selection to include three alternate finishes.  If you wish to upgrade the size of the standard PVC Cloudscape® Ceiling Baffle, we now have a 2″ thick option available in sizes up to 4’x10′, with some limitations.  If you wish to upgrade the finish, you can choose the durable rip-stop nylon sailcloth, product code CSBF2S with 9 color choices.  If sailcloth doesn’t ‘float your boat’, choose the fabric encapsulated Cloudscape® Baffle.   The CSBF2F is encapsulated in a sewn Guilford of Maine® FR701®  fabric and will coordinate with the Sonora® ridgid acoustical wall panels.  The acoustical ceiling baffles are extended even further with an offering of exterior grade fabric for outdoor applications.  Overall, you now have 4 choices of baffle configurations, more sizes and 96 finish options.  Additionally, all the 2″ thick options use environmentally friendly Ecose® glass fiber.  For more information or to receive a quotation, please contact Acoustics First® via email,, or call Toll Free 1-888-765-2900 (US & Canada).

Cloudscape Ceiling Baffle (CSBF2S) Sailcloth Finish

Cloudscape Ceiling Baffle (CSBF2S) Sailcloth

Cloudscape Ceiling Baffle (CSBF2F) Fabric

Cloudscape Ceiling Baffle (CSBF2F) Fabric

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