Fabtec™ Panels: A Fully-wrapped option.

FabTec™ Panels – Showing the edges of the standard (top) versus fully-wrapped (Bottom) configuration

This month we thought we would post a of picture of the seldom seen FabTec™ with fully wrapped edges. Although more commonly produced with unwrapped edges to facilitate abutting panels for seamless installs, FabTec™ can also be produced with a fully wrapped edge, for a look and function very similar to our Sonora® wall panels.

Fully-wrapped Fabtec™ panels have a finished look, and the wrap covers the FireFlex™ foam substrate on the edge.

These fully wrapped FabTec™ panels do exhibit a few unique qualities all their own:

1. They are extremely lightweight, roughly ¼ the weight of a standard Sonora® wall panel.
2. They flex. Unlike panels produced with the more commonly used rigid fiberglass boards, the FireFlex™ foam substrate of the FabTec™ panels can flex a bit. This can be particularly helpful when trying to install over a curved surface.
3. The combination of the spongy FireFlex™ substrate coupled with FabTec’s robust fabric covering make for a panel that’s actually pretty tough.

So, there you have it: a solid offering that straddles the line of acoustical foam products and architectural type panels, and encompasses some of the more desirable characteristics of both.

Reach out to Acoustics First® with any questions about which acoustic treatments would work best for your space!

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