New! ArtDiffusor® Nouveau™

ArtDiffusor® Nouveau™

ArtDiffusor® Nouveau™ Array

Acoustics First® is pleased to announce the latest addition to our ArtDiffusor® family of products: ArtDiffusor® Nouveau™. In some ways, these diffusive boards are the logical extension of our ArtDiffusor® Trim line. In other ways, they are the logical successor to the Art Diffusor® Model W. These robust diffusive planks (2.75” thick x 11.25” wide, nominal) can be installed to create 2’x4’ wooden quadratic diffusers in both ‘convex’ and ‘concave’ formats. Also, for architectural type applications, boards can be installed in larger arrays to create a rolling effect.  Art Diffusor® Nouveau™ is an excellent choice for anywhere that optimal acoustics and great design aesthetics are a must. Available now!

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ArtDiffusor® Nouveau™ Sound Diffuser

ArtDiffusor® Nouveau™ Sound Diffuser – Walnut