Blocking Piano Sound from an Adjoining Classroom


We have a piano class next to a classroom and the sound loves to leak through our thin walls. We need a type of sound proofing wall the teacher can still staple pictures and information to and block out all sound going through her wall bugging the other class. The wall is about 24′ x 12′. What can you suggest?


Installing a layer of the BlockAid Sound Barrier on top of the existing shared wall will block the transmission of sound through the wall. Be sure to examine to overall construction of the room.  If a suspended ceiling grid is in use, sound could possibly  flank over the wall if it does not go all the way to the roof deck.  Blocking sound requires that massive and dense structures be in place to interrupt the path of the sound or noise.  Be sure to seal any seams or gaps as well as any wall switches or boxes.  If air can pass through an area of the wall, so can sound.

More on vinyl sound barrier: 

Once the barrier is installed, a finish material will need to be installed over this.  We would recommend 1/2″ wall board or something simple like the Sound Channels Acoustical Wall fabric.  Sound Channels in installed in a similar manner to wall carpet and is Velcro compatible.  It also is a Class A material that passes vertical and corner burn tests.

We can also custom manufacture 2″ thick Sonora Acoustical Wall Panels with a barrier septum in the middle and a Tackable Face.  This will combine sound absorption along with the sound barrier and add a fabric finish, all in one step.  We would recommend doing this in two sections of 4′(w) x 6′(h) panels.

As always, be sure to discuss your project with an acoustical consultant or experienced professional to determine which materials best suit your application, site constraints and budget.


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