Video: How Acoustical Panels Improve Sound

Acoustical Panel DemonstrationThe awareness of acoustics has dramatically increased over the past ten years. With this awareness, the access to the information on the Internet has also amplified. How does one begin to decipher all of the publications that are now available in magazines and on the World Wide Web? During your research, you may have heard of comb filtering, standing waves and room modes. What do these terms mean and why should I need to know them to understand acoustics? Without using a lot of math or complicated acoustical terms, Acoustics First has produced a video to demonstrate how acoustical panels improve sound within a room. This five-minute demonstration will help you understand that acoustical materials change the physical dynamic of the room to affect sound, in a way that cannot be achieved with electronics.

This video is available under the “Resources” section of our website or at

How Acoustical Panels Improve Sound (Phase Demonstration) from Acoustics First on Vimeo.

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