Want to hear acoustic diffusion? – Audio Demo

AcousticsFirstAcoustics First® would like to announce our “Binaural Bob meets the ArtDiffusor® Model D – Audio Demo”.

While acoustic diffusion has become a common acoustic treatment, many people still struggle to explain exactly what diffusion does, or what it sounds like – and because how we hear is subjective – we at Acoustics First feel that the best way to explain it, is to let you experience it.

We have created a demo to let you compare what a room sounds like with no treatment, good diffusion treatment, and extensive diffusion treatment.

The setup is as follows:

  • A small office with no windows and one solid door (6′ x 8′- 8′ ceiling)
  • Standard office carpet over concrete.
  • Drop ceiling with standard 2’x4′ tiles and one 2’x4′ flourescent light fixture.
  • Drywall over metal studs – no insulation.
  • A binaural head in the center to capture the audio
Custom Binaural Head - Binaural Bob

Custom Binaural Head – Binaural Bob

The demo uses different noise makers to help you hear the room:
1. A Balloon Pop
2. Bang-Snaps (Pop-Its)
3. Slamming a Book Shut

The space is configured three different ways:

1. No Treatment (Bare Walls)
2. Good Diffusion Treatment (9 ArtDiffusor® Model D at Ear Level)
3. Extensive Diffusion Treatment (27 ArtDiffusor® Model D Distributed)

Art Diffusor® Model D -

Art Diffusor® Model D –

Panoramic - 9 Model D Treatment Demo

Panoramic – 9 Model D Treatment Demo

Panoramic - 27 Model D Treatment Demo

Panoramic – 27 Model D Treatment Demo

While the Demo is best experienced with a pair of reference headphones – earbuds or decent speakers should work as well.  The headphones allow you the ability to hear the room just like it sounded when the test was run without hearing your own room – Think of it like auditory immersion. This is the best way (we’ve found) to compare the results of adding high-quality diffusers to an inferior space.

The test is run in rounds, you will hear the same noise (a Balloon Pop, for example) in each room configuration (First Untreated, then with Good Treatment, and finally Extensive Treatment) before progressing to the next round.  The image will show the room configuration (and the noise producer in the upper corner) while the sound is played.

The Demo is as follows:
1. Balloon Pop (1 Round)- Untreated, Good Treatment, Extensive Treatment
2. Bang-snaps (3 rounds) – Untreated, Good Treatment, Extensive Treatment
3. Book Slam (2 rounds) – Untreated, Good Treatment, Extensive Treatment

Note: ArtDiffuser® Model D units were the only acoustic treatments used in this demo.

While we would rarely treat a room only with diffusers, the results of treating this space with just diffusers was interesting…

The diffusers reduced the SPL from 89 dB down to 87dB according to a pink noise test with the handy-dandy Radio Shack SPL meter…
Cut the RT(60) from about .7 seconds down to about .4 seconds…

Sometimes hearing is believing.
Believe it!

– Acoustics First®.

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DIY Microphone Shield/Gobo – 2 Minutes (with Video!)

Stuff you need: Glue, Binder and Foam

Stuff you need: Glue, Binder and Foam

Acoustics First understands that the Do-it-Yourself spirit in the audio world is alive and well, and here is another one of our contributions to that community.

The personal mic shield… all you need is…

  • Foam safe Glue
  • a One inch thick, three ring binder
  • two 1 foot x 1 foot pieces of foam
  • 2 Minutes

Got everything together?
Do you have 2 minutes?
Let’s do this!
Watch the video…

Or follow the steps…

Open the Binder

Open the Binder

Open the binder and bend the bottom tab flat.

DIY Mic Shield - Tab dyi mic shield 04

Spray the Binder and the back of the foam with glue.

dyi mic05 dyi mic 06

Wait for a few seconds for the glue to get tacky, then carefully stick the foam to the binder – be sure to apply pressure to allow for a strong bond.

dyi mic07

Give the glue some time to dry.

After the glue sets, slide the rings of the binder over a bare mic stand – the top tab will hold the shield up.
dyi mic09

All Done! Just set up your mic and you’re ready to go!

Complete Mic Shield with Microphone.

Complete Mic Shield with Microphone.

This DIY project is brought to you by Acoustics First – Be inspired and sound great doing it. Enjoy!


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You don’t always hear what you see…

Acoustics First ArticleRecent Acoustics First article on PUPN!

Sometimes you enter a space that sounds amazing and wonder what treatments are being used.  Many times the treatments are behind the curtain… both figuratively and in reality.


Learn about some of the ways acoustic treatments are hidden in plain sight, obscured from view, camouflaged, or just displayed proudly – Nick Colleran points out the not so obvious.

You just might find – you get what you need.

Click Here

(Special thanks to the Great Philosopher Jagger)

– Acoustics First

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Acoustic product revolution inspires listeners…


Special Announcement

Download full release here. (.pdf file 544 KB)

04/01/2015 9:00 AM EST
We at Acoustics First are foaming at the mouth to announce the freshest development since sliced bread – a line of acoustic materials designed to go together like peas and carrots to solve all your acoustic problems.

BaconFuzor LettuceSorber TomaTRAP
This 1’x4’ diffuser meats a need for the more carnivorous audiophile! The size is trim and all of the profiles are slightly different – allowing for a delicious array of mouth-watering diffusion! Let your highs sizzle and your midsection pop with this no-Fat solution. We guarantee you’ll be happy as a ham.
– $155.00 Each
This molded foam morsel has scrumptious surface area with its leafy 24” diameter and a lush 8” deep profile to add to the effectiveness of this heady absorber. Brush off that muddiness and experience crisp mids and fresh highs with this leafy addition to the room.
– $308.00 for 4
A ceramic Helmholtz resonator designed for 84 Hz and a natural range from ~70-100 Hz. This mutant turns up the juice with its BASStalk™ Resonator, which contains resonant threads that enhance sympathetic resonant frequency cancellation – providing a recipe for thick, juicy, delicious bass.
– $499.00 for 2

bltlabel BLT-sandwich

Juicy, crisp, delicious acoustics sandwiched into an easy  package.
The BLT Sandwich™ includes:
7 – BaconFUZOR™ 12 – LettuceSORBERS™ 2 – TOMATRAP™
-$2399.00 Kit – Savings of $300
Limited Time Gifteggstands
Order now and scramble those low frequencies – Structural vibration is no yolk! – Set of 4

Acoustic Product Revolution Inspires Listeners…
For Our Own Leaf Sings!

© 2015 Acoustics First Corporation

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Season’s Greetings from Acoustics First – 2014

Season’s Greetings from Acoustics First!

DIY Gift idea using Tone Tiles

DIY Gift idea using Tone Tiles™ and some Creativity!

Acoustics First would like to offer this Do-It-Yourself gift idea to all of our readers this year.

If you’ve got a creative painting habit, give a customized gift that not only shows your creative talents, but also helps to improve the sound of the room!

Above is a festive holiday painting on one of our 1’x2′ Tone Tiles™.

Want to go a little bigger?  We also have 2’x3′ Tone Tiles™ in Stock.

Amsterdam iPhone photo

2′ x 3′ panel  Photo from iPhone


A Second Idea is to get a photo printed on a Tone Tile™.

Got a really great vacation photo or family photo on your phone?  Most phones today have pretty decent cameras, and if you have the right photo, a local printer may be near you that can clean it up and print it onto one of our Tone Tiles™.*

How about “posting” that photo to the “wall” of your living room, and have a great conversation piece as well as improved acoustics – at the same time !



Season’s Greetings and Happy Gift Giving!

– Acoustics First

* Don’t forget to ask your local printer if they have flatbed printing capabilities.


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