Acoustic product revolution inspires listeners…


Special Announcement

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04/01/2015 9:00 AM EST
We at Acoustics First are foaming at the mouth to announce the freshest development since sliced bread – a line of acoustic materials designed to go together like peas and carrots to solve all your acoustic problems.

BaconFuzor LettuceSorber TomaTRAP
This 1’x4’ diffuser meats a need for the more carnivorous audiophile! The size is trim and all of the profiles are slightly different – allowing for a delicious array of mouth-watering diffusion! Let your highs sizzle and your midsection pop with this no-Fat solution. We guarantee you’ll be happy as a ham.
– $155.00 Each
This molded foam morsel has scrumptious surface area with its leafy 24” diameter and a lush 8” deep profile to add to the effectiveness of this heady absorber. Brush off that muddiness and experience crisp mids and fresh highs with this leafy addition to the room.
– $308.00 for 4
A ceramic Helmholtz resonator designed for 84 Hz and a natural range from ~70-100 Hz. This mutant turns up the juice with its BASStalk™ Resonator, which contains resonant threads that enhance sympathetic resonant frequency cancellation – providing a recipe for thick, juicy, delicious bass.
– $499.00 for 2

bltlabel BLT-sandwich

Juicy, crisp, delicious acoustics sandwiched into an easy  package.
The BLT Sandwich™ includes:
7 – BaconFUZOR™ 12 – LettuceSORBERS™ 2 – TOMATRAP™
-$2399.00 Kit – Savings of $300
Limited Time Gifteggstands
Order now and scramble those low frequencies – Structural vibration is no yolk! – Set of 4

Acoustic Product Revolution Inspires Listeners…
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